Students Of This Malappuram School Collect, Distribute Rs 3.5 Lakh Worth Flood-Relief Materials

Students of MSM Higher Secondary School Kallingalparamba, Malappuram.


NEW DELHI: In a show of solidarity and determination, the students of MSM Higher Secondary School Kallingalparamba, Malappuram, distributed Rs. 3.5 lakh worth relief materials in tribal areas of Nilambur, where the recent floods and land-slides devastated the whole geography.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) members of this school’s Class 11 and Class 12 collected 6.5 tons of food and necessary items (worth Rs. 3.5 lakh) and went to Kumbalapara, Iruttukuthy, Vaniyampuzha, Tharippapotti, Thandankallu, Appankappu, Thampurattikkallu, and Nettikulam areas and distributed the materials themselves.

“All the collection process has been done by the students. We distributed the food kits and other items which are collected by the students from their own houses and neighboring areas,” said Haris KP, NSS program officer at MSM Higher Secondary School.