eWaste is a growing concern for two primary reasons. The first is harm to the environment. The disposal of televisions, computers and other electronics in landfills does nasty things. The equipment components are made of harmful chemicals. They don’t affect you while using them because they’re shielded. However, if damaged when dumped, they can leak or degrade and send the harmful chemicals into the water table. That’s when health issues can occur.

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The other reason

The other reason eWaste is an issue is the theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the equipment. Those who wish to commit malicious activity can decrypt a hard drive. Or, they may simply pull a SIM card from a smart device or retrieve your password. While the equipment’s chemicals personally harm you, the theft of PII harms you and everyone around you. Particularly if the information is financial or business in nature.

Confidential destruction

To prevent this, the equipment can’t be removed by the local junk buyer. It needs to go through a confidential data destruction organization. Companies like Greentec handle these operations. And they do so while also being transparent. Every step is audited during the confidential data destruction. From the time your equipment arrives to its final recycle or disposal, how information is removed is carefully logged. In the end, you receive a certified statement showing how and when the product was received, when data elimination started, and when it was completed. It also reveals how the equipment was put back into service or was properly taken apart for environmentally-safe disposal.

Look for this in an eWaste company

Don’t go for the eWaste company with the flashiest ad or the cheapest rate. You want to look for an organization other people or companies have worked with. In addition, you want to stop by to see how their process works. Depending on the sensitivity of confidential data destruction, there may be permission issues. However, if they say no without any explanation, then it’s best to look elsewhere to have your data eliminated.