When it comes to guns, many people consider it a hot button issue. They are either all for guns or completely against them, there does not seem to be much in-between. Here are some of the basic facts as to why something called 80% lowers have become so popular.

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These have become quite the rage among gun enthusiasts because the manufacturers of these things have figured out a way to skirt the law. They are not considered guns in a legal sense so they can be sold by people who have no Federal Firearms License to sell firearms. The government agency known as the ATF has determined that these do not constitute actual guns. They are simply partially finished gun “frames” which still need specialized tooling to become an actual functioning gun. No background check is required to sell these or to purchase these because, again, they are not legally considered a gun.

The owner of this piece of material also does not need a Federal Firearms License to manufacture the gun with the tooling equipment. As long as the owner is legally able to own the final manufactured firearm, they will be able to manufacture it themselves. Because of this, no serial numbers are required to be stamped or imprinted anywhere on the gun. However, even though it is not legally required, they should still be serialized because it helps to track the gun if it is ever lost or stolen by criminals. Without this serial number, it would be virtually impossible to find the gun under these circumstances.

As you can see, there are some great reasons to purchase these materials called 80% lowers. People who are gun enthusiasts but who also advocate for privacy will absolutely love these. This cannot be denied ever.