Epic Games Removes Infinity Blade Trilogy From App Store

Fortnite creator Epic Games has removed the Infinity Blade trilogy from the App Store. The original Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade 2, and Infinity Blade 3 can no longer be purchased on iOS devices. The decision happened without warning and Epic Games made this known after the Infinity Blade trilogy was removed from the App Store. It doesn’t help matter that Epic’s reasoning for their removal is flimsy at best.

“At Epic we strive to put players first and to provide a supported, full-fledged experience in every game we publish. With the development of Spyjinx and other projects, it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards,” reads a post from the company.

Considering that Epic Games is making a ridiculous amount of money from Fortnite, it’s hard to believe that the company can’t make the necessary effort to support what many think are some of the best mobile games around.

The removal of the Infinity Blade games comes after Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney suggested that the company was far from happy with Apple’s policies, bringing them up in a recent interview.

“We’d like to launch [the Epic Games Store] on iOS in 2019, however, that is in apparent conflict with current Apple policy,” Sweeney said in conversation with Game Informer. “We believe all general purpose computing devices, such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, should be open to competition between stores.”

Following the end of development on the latest Unreal Tournament and Epic’s answer to Dota 2, Paragon, the removal of the Infinity Blade games appears to be yet another sign that Epic Games’ priorities have changed in a post-Fortnite world, making us wonder what else it plans to purge. Fortnite’s Save the World mode maybe?