Image result for Hermes launches limited edition Apple Watch bandThe luxury brand Hermes has launched a limited edition band for Apple Watch. According to a report in website, “The brand has lifted a Robert Dallet-designed archive Equateur Tatouage scarf print from 1988 for a new limited-edition Single Tour band for its Apple Watch collection.” Dallet’s illustrations are reported to often feature lions and tigers. Some of the French fashion house’s best-selling scarves have come in these designs.

Called Equateur tatouage, the new band joins comes in 38mm ($410) and 42mm ($340) sizes. While the former is priced at $410, the latter at $340. It joins the brand’s Single Tour line of Apple Watch bands. The all-new Apple band is available for sale at any of the Hermes outlets both offline and online.

The first-ever Apple Watch band from Hermes offering graphic has been printed on calfskin. So far, most bands from the company sport solid colours.

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Apple announced its tie-up with Hermes in September 2015 to launch a new Apple Watch collection. The collection includes a custom face that uses Hermes’ “traditional iconography”. These watches were launched in three options: the Single Tour, the Double Tour and the Cuff. All three bands are made with brown leather.


Earlier this month, the 2016 variant of Apple Watch officially launched in the country. Apple Watch comes in 40 combinations in two case sizes of 38mm and 42mm across three collections of Sport, Edition, and the regular. Besides the case, the box includes a band or strap, both of which come in different material and colour combinations.



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The starting price of the Silver Aluminium Case and White Sport Band is Rs 30,900 for the 38mm and Rs 34,900 for the 42mm, making these two the cheapest of the lot.


It is Rs 48,900 and Rs 52,900 for the 38mm and 42mm Stainless Steel Case respectively, with White Sport Band.