When you look for an effective Internet Securitysuite, what is the first thing which comes to your mind? An effective tool should have a good internet presence, which enables malware blocking, protects against ransomware, and has a minimal or no impact on the performance of your system.

Add capabilities well equipped to prevent phishing and email attacks along with a file shredder and password manager and you have a clear winner on your hands. Does this feel too good to be true? Well, the answer lies in the Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 pack, which offers you all of this and much more. Surprised? Don’t be, for this is reality.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the Bitdefender Internet Security review and see what all is in store for your subscription.


The features of the Bitdefender Antivirus are as good as it can get. The antivirus suite offers the following set of features to the users:

  • Protects against all kinds of malware
  • Prevent phishing attacks
  • Alerts you to threats, when you are accessing any social media site
  • Scans all kinds of removable devices, for possible viruses
  • The actions are always running in the background, so that there is always no annoyance to the users, during their work hours.

Apart from these features, what makes Bitdefender really good is the fact that you get five of the most important components with your antivirus pack. These components include:

The firewall provided with the pack replaces the original Windows Firewall, but you might want to think twice, before replacing the original firewall.

Parental Control allows you to block sites, which you might otherwise deem unfit for your children. You can control the times when your children get to surf the web, as well as monitor their presence online on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Definitely an antivirus tool worth having, especially if you have some tech savvy kids in the house.

Cloud Antispamrefers to any of the spam entries that are noticed on the Bitdefender network. As soon as it registers any spam entry, which might not otherwise be already registered in the spam list, it will immediately send a message to the Cloud service, thereby, preventing any further hits on sthe users systems. This is a relatively new feature, which has been added to the existing list of features.

Ransomware Protection is one of the best features which you can ever get with an antivirus pack.This feature encrypts your personal files and creates a backup, so that no cyber hacker can hold your system’s personal information ransom. The tool has been devised to block unsafe applications like CryptoLocker, WinLocker and MBR ransomware.

A file shredder, as the name suggests, can be used to delete files and folders, which might have personal, sensitive information. This means that no third party software can be used to recover the files, at any given time. Be careful, before deleting any files from your system.

There are some other features which make this product worthwhile. These are secure online storage and anti-theft device mechanisms.

With so many features in place, there is a lot on offer with the Bitdefender Internet Security 2016   pack. If you truly want some amazing features, you should invest in this product at the earliest.